How to Weld

here is link to a full length sample video to wet your appetite for learning TIG welding Aluminum taught by Brad Goodman-one of our Instructors

If you landed here after searching for “how to weld” you are in the right place.

There are over a thousand Videos here at on topics like:

TIG welding, Mig Welding, Stick welding, Flux Core welding, torch cutting, TIG brazing, 6G weld tests, welding certification, pipe welding, and more.

Some videos are short 30 second videos to help dial in your welder settings but most videos are full length tutorials on how to weld a specific metal like Carbon steel, stainless, aluminum or titanium.

All of these videos are absolutely Free here and many people have learned how to weld by watching them here and on youtube.

Not bragging, just repeating what others have said in comments, by email, and even in face at trade shows.( sometimes, even at the grocery store)

But if you are serious about learning how to weld, I have a new and better offer for you.

YouTube has become saturated with Ads, sponsored videos that are biased, nonsense, and videos that are much longer than they need to be just in order to please the youtube algorithm.

I will get to the offer in just a minute, I promise…

My boys and I made another video site called is not free like youtube, but its a better place to learn but its strictly welding and welding related videos made by instructors who are at the top of their game and still working in the real world welding every day.

Here are just a few reasons why welderskills beats the heck out of Youtube for welding.

* Weekly Zoom calls with Q and A sessions hosted by our real world welder instructors

* Special welderskills discounts at to save you money on welding gear like tungsten, clamps, helmets, filler metal, gloves, tig cups, and more.

* Hundreds (over 700 and growing) welding videos with new content being posted daily.

* Welderskills videos don't have any Ads, get right to the point and don’t need to please an algorithm...saving you lots of time

* In addition to single videos, there are welding courses that are designed to help you learn faster, with less frustration, and with less metal...and are included as part of your welderskills membership


We have set up a free trial for you to test the waters before spending one dime.

and if you use code QS25, when you register, you will get 25% off your first 3 months.

Try it out for 7 days for free and watch all the videos and courses you can.

Then you can decide if investing in yourself and improving your welding skills at is a good fit for you.

 Seriously, watch all the videos you can in 7 days,  the courses too. ( the intro to TIG course is a $99 dollar course all by itself)

Take the free trial now and we hope you will stick around and learn how to weld better and with less frustration than anywhere else on the internet.

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