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Incomplete fusion in filler 316l

by Daniel
(Vicksburg Ms)

I'm having real problems with my X-rays coming back with "IF". We're welding b31.3 code using tig procedure on 316L and quite a few shots came back with the incomplete fusion. I know it isn't in the root mainly because our qc is A real pain about our roots. It's schedule forty pipe varies in diameter to 1" to 10". I'm somewhat experienced but don't consider to be a pro. Please give me insight on how to keep this from happening. It's not in every shot. It's little lines nothing all the way around. I sometimes break puddle from filler rod, could that be way this is happening?


IF you are using a land instead of a feather edge , you might think about less of a land or a feather edge.
Also, I have seen shrink lines in the center of the root that get misread as Incomplete fusion.
less heat on the hot pass can prevent the shrink line.

breaking puddle from filler usually just keyholes and causes a slight variation in root width so I dont thing thats the problem

of course it could also be that you are too cold on the root or using too narrow a gap.

good luck
and thanks for posting


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