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Inside corner welds


Can you point me in the direction where I find info on how to properly perform inside welds on aluminum tube? For instance, I need to weld aluminum tube (1/8" wall) to a flat aluminum plate 90 degree. Also I would like to be able to make a nice weld between two pieces of the same type of aluminum tube. I have a nice tube notcher and need to learn how to weld the tubes together say at a 90 degree connection, like a Tee shape, and 45 degrees etc. Any advice or direction that would help me build this skill would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you.


I can give you a few tips, but watching someone do it is what you need.

first, make sure to extend your tungsten out far enough so that you can hold a tight arc without bumping your cup on the tube.

second, use just enough torch gas...argon, or argon/helium mix to get good shielding and no more. if your arc is noisy and rattling your brains out, thats an indicator you have too much flow.

third, try to start the bead small by holding a tight arc and fusing the pieces with a little filler rod. in other words dont make a big bridge from one piece to the other with lots of filler.
its hard to shrink it down once you start too big.

fourth, once you get the puddle going, move it forward about 1/8" and add rod. lather, rinse, repeat. if you move forward and the puddle doesn't come with you, use more heat and dont add rod until the puddle moves with your arc.

sounds easy, but it takes practice.

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