Is a cooler for a TIG machine necessary?

by William C.
(Phoenix, AZ)

I am looking to get a somewhat new Syncrowave 250DX (the one with the digital display and pulser built in) and a lot of really good deals that are close to my price range do not come with coolers.
Being new to TIG I would love your opinion please on whethere or not its necessary for me yet.

What I plan to use it for:
-Rollcage welding, thin aluminum work, parts for the race truck. All personal use stuff. Maybe do some sidework that involves 1/8" - 3/8" aluminum. All garage stuff in my spare time.

Or should I go for an older 250 unit with a cooler and add a pulser unit? Simple is my motto so thats why I was thinking of the newer DX.

Any help would be wonderful. I love your site, I check in pretty frequently for updates. Thank you for your time invested for us non PHD's out there.



I like the simplicity of an air cooled torch but I finally got tired of my torch getting really too hot to hold. But for occasional light welding, a small #9 air cooled torch is great.

In fact, you can start off with a #9 air cooled and then upgrade to a #20 water cooled if you need to. and all the cups collets etc, will fit.

For simplicity, I like the older model syncrowave better than the DX.
If you can score one with a cooler, Thats the way to go in my opinion.

I highly recommend the small torch too. especially if you go with water cooled.
there is no reason for a big torch if you go water cooled and the small torch gets around tight areas a lot better.

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