Jacob Cooper

by Jacob Cooper
(Newberg Or. United States)

Ive been welding for around ten years, I was working for Farwest steel in Tualatin Or, when the opportunity came up to be a cnc burn table spec for Far west came up in seattle Wa
I went over there promised by them I would be paid better when they dicked me over, I went from being paid 15.50 to 14.50 the they said if I worked on night crew they would bump me back up to my original pay. I did, then they said I was messing paper work up which I was not.
they were just looking for an excuse to fire me cause the supervisor didn't like me.
Far west was going on a five year wage freeze and in the mean time switched there medical three times.
I am currently on unemployment looking for another welding job. I love welding and I am a hard worker. I can't wait to start working again.

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