Jazzy 10 Ceramic Cup

The Furick Jazzy 10 ceramic cup works with our newly improved Stubby Gas lens kit without needing to buy additional hardware.

Jazzy 10 for 4130, Stainless, inconel, hastelloy, and more

The jazzy #10 ceramic cup has become one of my favorite cups for all around DC tig welding of steel, 4130 chromoly, stainless, inconel, and even some titanium jobs.

The unique cupped double layer screen diffuser is the special sauce that allows for a super long stickout along with superior gas coverage.

you dont always need a super long stickout but sometimes, being able to extend your electrode an inch and still get great argon coverage can allow you to reach some really tight spots...

down deep in holes, inside diameter of tubing, tight angles, etc.

If you are using a 17 style air cooled torch along with the standard cups that came with it, you will be stepping up your tig welding game with a jazzy 10 cup.

When I worked in the aerospace industry, I would order #12 ceramic cups from CNI and then I would have to cut my own diffuser screens and I would pay around 20 dollars per cup and still have to futz around with cutting screens to make the cups work.

The jazzy 10 cup is ready to go right out of the box... and it works way better than those #12 CNI cups.


Method Sheet for TIG welding carbon steel tubes .120" thick

Base Material Type/Thickness - carbon steel tubing .120" (3.1mm)

Prep Method- flap disc 

Filler Metal Type/Size - .045" ER70s-2

Tungsten size and prep - 3/32" (2.4mm)  30 degree taper

Gas Type and Flow Rate - argon 20-25 cfh

Cup size - jazzy 10 ceramic

Current/Polarity - 120 amps DCEN

Length of Arc - less than 3/32"

Angle of Travel - 20 degrees give or take a few degrees

Manipulation/Technique - dab and pause

Speed of Travel - 6 ipm

The jazzy 10 ceramic works with either a weldmonger gas lens kit or a furick adapter kit or stubby gas lens kit

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