Job Corps Graduate

by Carlos
(Baytown, Tx USA)

ok I graduated 5 months ago from job corps and graduated from welding. its been way too long and i cant find a welding job here in houston. im 21 years and when I try to go look for jobs they just lst tell me I need experience and hang up the phone or just tell me "we'll call you later" that means its a no no.. WHERE can a new welder get a job as a welder if they want you to have experience on this and that and be certified for this and that. I hated job corps for only certifying me for "V-groove vertical up and over head on quarter inch steel :( hey I even made it as foreman of my shop and showed the new kids how to start a bid. I even did welding through out high school all 4 years and when I tell them i did all that time they still want me to have experience :(


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