by Justin Tanner
(ocean springs, ms)

5" sch 80 6g / 2" ??? "thickwall" 6g tests

I will be taking tests on these Monday at 7am.. 5" is tig root, hotpass, then 7018 filler and cap.. 2" is tig all the way out.. These coupons will be xrayed.. How should i run the 2"?? Any pointers or tips on these I would appreciate. The tests are for a job in Pascagoula, MS @ Chevron Refinery "LNG" project..

Anyone wanting information on this job they are still hiring combo welders.. You will need to goto Mobile, AL to apply @ address and name below.

Job is paying 26.50/hr if you pass both tests 25.00/hr if you only pass 1..

Performance Contractors
8093 Padgett Switch Road
Irvington, AL 36544
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 567
Theodore, AL 36590
Phone 251-957-0800
Fax 251-957-4887


thanks for the welding job info.

for the 2 inch heavy wall, if it were me, i would not try to walk the cup on the root...unless thats all you know.

you will be changing body position pretty quickly and free handing while propping with your glove will let you move better. If you are not used to doing this, you might just stick with what you know.

the main tip other wise is take your time.

let it cool for several minutes between passes.

watch your amperage until you have several passes in.

be careful on your hot really shouldnt be called a hot pass since it should be run about the same amperage as your root.

a big problem on this test is sucking back the root on the hot just watch the heat.

check ahead of time if there is a distortion requirement....welding from bottom to top that many passes can really draw the pipe a lot.

good luck bro, and thanks for the post.


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