journeyman welder ,b and cwb cert. with own rig

There are lots of jobs for welders with rigs but its not what you know, its who you know.
Check out the plants that are being built in Northeastern Alberta.

The contractors are hiring out of province welders and letting the alberta people suffer.

They are bringing their buddies ,some fly back to Newfoundland and BC on their days off,meanwhile the local welders watch their rigs go by and watch theirs collect dust.

Whats with that.

Shouldnt the local qualified trades people protest this BS.
The companies say that they couldnt get qualified tradesmen locally.
Thats just an excuse to bring all their buddies with them.
Out of province sub-contractors are bidding lower than alberta co. so they feel that they have the right to bring their people with them. they also have a policy that they are to hire at least 60 percent local if they can.

They dont even try. I know,My credentials are impecable and yet I cant get hired locally.A few supervisors on some of those jobs dont even have training,but they are lieing on their resumes.

Some of those should be checked out too.

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