just a guy looking for a decent welding job

by jason
(milan illinois)

what the hell is up with these company's with the revolving door policy's?

the places who don't give a shit about you.
places that pay you like shit work you like a dog and treat you worse than they pay you?

i am tired of working for places like that.

I'm not the best welder in the world but i do good work i work hard and i can always be counted on to do a good job. im pretty good with mig its been a while but i can do flux and smaw 6010 6011 6013 7018 and 7024 and im pretty damn good with a torch and plasma cutter. but every where ive worked its been something from shitty pay and a revolving door policy to decent pay but they treat their employees like dog crap.

now its at the point where ive been out of work for around 6 months im broke as hell living with family who are getting tired of me not having a job.
im tried of everything ready to go work for mcdonalds and forget everything i know about welding.

ok so im done rambling and complaining if ive bored anyone or pissed anyone off im very sorry. if anyone can help a guy out that would be much apreciated.

i'll go anywhere for a job even if i have to live in a cardboard box outside the shop for a while i can pass background and drug tests but i am sorry to say i cannot pass a beauty test cus i am a ugly mofo ha but im funny.

but anyways if you can help right on my e-mail is zzizezy@yahoo.com if not oh well thanks anyways and good luck to the rest of you looking for work.

Man Jason, I am really sorry to hear what a hard time you are having.

its true, there are a lot of shops out there who would rather pay mcdonalds wages to welders and all the while , they wonder why they cant keep welders.

anyone out there have any leads for Jason?
he posted his email, so please send him any leads on work you might have.


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