Just a quick tip for noobs at TIG welding.

I am currently a 17yr old kid and ive been tig welding for about 2 months. I can vouch for this website when it says once you get the hang of aluminum tig welding, you become the man. I am in a welding program at my high school in Wasilla, Alaska. We are a program that strives on Careers in the outdoor fields. Kids in the program get 4 free certs every year they are in.

Tig welding is something i have just starting and i have pretty much dropped all the other kinds because i found that i am very good at it :P .
But anyways my quick tip is.

When you first start out, try running the torch with one hand (duh) without filler rod first. Get a steady flow down so you can see the cleaning action. Then slowly move into filler rod by making beads on a regular piece of flat aluminum. My recommendation would be to do T-Joint very last because i personally think they are the most challenging. After you get normal flat beads down try Corner joints then lap joints and then but t joints. After you master those try T-Joints.

Colony High School CTE Welding Program Wasilla, Alaska.

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