lack of shine of bead when tig welding aluminum

I'm still in the early learning stage of tig welding aluminum. I have taken your advice and went back to basics by doing multiple overlapping beads on a scrap piece of aluminum. I have two things that are bothering me and I am hoping that you can straighten me out

first I seem to be getting good penetration but the bead is smoother than the "stack of dimes" should I put more effort into getting the"look"

second sometimes the bead is shiny and sometimes it is dull and I can't figure out what I am doing different.
Any advice would be great



The look is only important to build your reputation.

As the piece heats up, the distinct ripple stack of dimes look will go away.

also, the frosty cleaning action of the arc sometimes makes the bead look dull...not shiny.

this is meaningless too.

however, if it is important to a customer, it is easier to get the bead shiny than to educate someone about why it is not important.



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