lap jjoints and continuous welds

by cliff

two questions... do you have any tips on running continuous welds greater than 12" also on lap joints any hints on why the top edge is burned away and has a wavy pattern to it just can't get to fill in nice at all thanks for the help


First the continuous weld question... there is nothing wrong with welding longer than 12" but it mostly depends on the thickness of the metal being welded.
for sheet metal, I probably would not weld more than 3 or 4 inches in a run. I would either stitch weld by jumping around or backstep weld.

for thicker metal, it usually wont matter. but you have to come up for air sometimes. backstepping every 12-24 inches is not a bad idea.

question 2 about the edge melting away and being wavy...
if you keep an eye on it and pause long enough to fill in what melts off , it should work better. for thinner lap joints, dont direct the arc right on the edge but let the puddle conduct the heat so it doesnt melt the edge so much.

hope this helps, anyone else got any tips for cliff?


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