Lincoln 115v letter settings

by Michael
(Stayton, OR)

Is there a chart or a rule of thumb that converts the A B C D settings for speed and amperage settings on my Lincoln 110 MIG from letters on the dials to actual feed speed and amperage?

Another question for us welders that have seen a lot of seasons go by (okay, us old guys), any hints for vision? I have a hard time seeing my weld anymore. Better lighting helps, but plays hell with my auto-darkening shield.



the manual has some charts for settings but its hard to find what your asking in it.

the manual does indicate that max voltage is 19.
I would guess more like 17-18 so the max voltage setting is probably no more than 18 and you can guess it drops a volt each click.

wire feed speed on most of these maxes out around 400 ipm. you can check that easily by pressing the trigger at each setting for 6 seconds and measuring the wire....round to nearest whole inch and add a zero and you have the ipm

not a tight pretty answer, but the best I could do.

as far as seeing, a new clear lens makes a big difference for me, along with a magnifier in the helmet.

thanks for the post,

I cant weld a lick without my cheater lens.

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