Lincoln IdealArc 250 AC/DC question

"i have old linclon 250 idealarc ac/dc have airco hf pack on it. Would like to know if it would be worthwhile upgrading to new hf with pulse and square wave. I am a retired pipe welder and still like to do my hobby things."

lincoln idealarc 250 ac/dc


If your unit is working ok, I dont know that you will realize great benefits from a newer square wave welder, especially if you weld infrequently and on hobby projects.

If you start doing a lot of aluminum that needs to be somewhat precise, Squarewave with A/C balance control makes a difference.

To take it one step further, A TIG inverter like a Miller dynasty 200dx gives you all kinds of options beyond squarewave well as ability to pulse at 499 pulses per second. ( like love to pulse stainless at 150 pps).

That said, I have used some old welders like yours and was pretty much able get a good looking weld if I really wanted to. The pulsing and squarewave do make a difference , just not like night and day.

The biggest and cheapest difference would be to get a bottle of 50/50 argon/helium for welding aluminum with your current machine. This gives a lot of bang for the can probable get an owners size bottler (125 cubic feet) for around 200 bucks or maybe slightly less.

It makes a huge difference.

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