Lincoln Invertec v310T Inverter TIG welding Machine - TIG welder

The Lincoln Invertec v310 T AC/DC inverter TIG welding power source is Lincolns answer back to the Miller Dynasty 350.

Lots and lots of folks think that Miller dropped the ball by phasing out the dynasty 300. The only choice now is the Dynasty 200 which sometimes leaves you hanging in the "balls" department. ...or the Dynasty 350 which is out of reach for anyone other than serious professionals.

Most welders I know are tight with their money.

Even the $3000 price tag for a Dynasty 200 sends them reeling. I only know a few folks who would consider spending the $7000 to $8000 for a fully decked out Dynasty 350.

A 275 amp machine for around $3500 would have been my choice....but they didn't ask for my vote.

I can vouch for the performance of the Miller Dynasty 350. It pretty awesome... I have not had a chance to test the Lincoln Invertec V310 yet.

I am working on that. Until then , I will just list and explain some of the features:

Patent pending dynamic display. (Lincoln was smart trump Miller on this one.)

at a glance the user can see graphics of the available welding settings like:

• AC high frequency

• DC lift arc TIG

• DC crisp mode for 6010 stick welding

• DC soft mode for 7018 stick welding

• A/C stick mode

• DC tig with high frequency start.

You can also select various trigger modes depending on whether you are welding with a foot pedal, torch switch, or torch switch with a 4 step trigger.

Adjustable output of AC frequency and ac balance allows maintaining a sharp point when welding on a/c, high speed pulse tig, and a whole additional set of controls.

The Graphic Dynamic display even shows the effect of adjusting certain waveform parameters.

For example on the display, Setting to 20 hz shows broader arc with a graphic of a shallow and wide bead profile…. and shows a narrower bead profile when a focused arc is obtained by increasing the frequency of the alternating current.

All the Tuna Tower welders out there should take notice of the Triangular waveform that is featured on this Lincoln Invertec v310 A/C inverter tig welder. It’s supposed to punch thru anodized coating without burning it up.

The triangular waveform will absolutely make a puddle in aluminum a lot quicker than either square wave or sinusoidal.

So what are Selectable Half Wave Shapes?

With this Tig Welder, A/C waveforms are not only adjustable from squarewave to sinewave to triangular waveforms, but also adjustable within each positive and negative half cycles.

In other words, the welder can actually adjust the wave form to have a squarewave on the positive half and a triangular wave on the negative.

The combinations are limitless and the welder has more tools to work with for precision arc shaping.

This is a very advanced function that is another weapon in the arsenal of precision tig welders.

Some welders wont know what to do with all these bells and whistles. But some will make use of them for difficult to weld metals and weld joint configurations and will be more competitive in business.

A Memory feature allows storage of commonly used parameters so welders wont have to remember all the settings once they find the sweet spot TIG setting.

Display is able to read in French, Spanish, English,

This 310 amp tig welder weighs in at only 75 pounds , normally 300 amp tig welders weigh 400-500 pounds.

The Modular TIG Cooler is termed a “smart cooler” because it communicates with the power source so that as you are welding, it is measuring the temperature of the coolant and adjusts flow rate according to needs. Which means it doesn’t just run all the time.

This feature can save money by not having to run when its not needed.

The Simple LCD screen has a lot of operator appeal and really simplifies the tig settings. All preset controls and can seen on the LCD screen at a glance with graphics that are specific to welding process/mode that enhance the welder’s understanding of machine controls.

Other features:

• draws only 30% of the amperage of a conventional 300 amp TIG machine

• Takes up half the floor space of a conventional 300 amp TIG welding power source

• High Speed TIG Pulsing (Up to 2500 pps)
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