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What is the min. and max. thickness this welder can accomplish?
On most common metals...........Like what is the max thickness it could weld aluminum? and.........the min.? How is this determined?Thanks for your help! I can get this welder for about $1900.00 would that be a good deal?


the amperage range is 5-230 so thats low enough for practically anything. like razor blades and beer cans.

Duty cycle is 100% at 90 amps but drops all the way to 10% at 230 amps

that means to me that for 1/4" thick jobs, you are going to have to let it cool every minute or so.

looks like a fine machine to me with lots of features. 1900 bones seems about average. not bad , not great.

thanks for the post,

From reviewing the pdfs,

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