Lincoln TIG 200

The Lincoln TIG 200 is a small AC DC inverter tig welder.

Since I first made the video you see on this page (Jan 2016) I have heard that Lincoln addressed at least one big quality issue with the Lincoln TIG 200.

The unit I have is still working fine but I don't use it very much and I am very careful to not handle it roughly. 

The lincoln TIG 200 is a decent machine but there are 2 main things that I would consider drawbacks.

1. the low amp arc start is pretty hot...not a problem for most jobs but for really thin metal, you could blow a hole or nip an edge

2. The AC arc is different from any other tig welder I have used and it reminds me of playing an electric guitar with lots of distortion effects.

this is not necessarily a bad thing but if you are looking for a buttery smooth arc, this is not it.

On the plus side, the lincoln tig200 comes with a nice 17 style air cooled torch with a flexible cable...and a nice SSC style foot pedal.

The interface is very simple and easy to use and the digital readout is very nice.

Upgrades for the Lincoln TIG 200

The first upgrade I would suggest with any 200 amp tig welder that comes with a 17 or 26 style tig torch is a Stubby Gas lens kit.

The Weldmonger Stubby gas lens kit comes with a 3/32" Furick Adapter gas lens and lets you use all the gas lens furick cups both clear and ceramic.

The cups and hardware that come with the lincoln 200 and most other 200 amp tig welders are fine to get started with but just wont let you get the best results possible.

Other Option for a TIG welding machine

I have filmed over 20 TIG welding videos using my CK worldwide mt200

check my store often to see Special Deals and Bonuses on this welder

Some of the great features of the CK mt200 are:

  • True Fan on Demand (some manufacturers advertise fan on demand but once the fan kicks on it almost never shuts off making for lots of background noise)
  • lightweight ( only 32lbs)
  • low 5 amp start (The Lincoln TIG200 starts at closer to 20 amps0
  • runs strong off 115volt circuit - (some machines pop a 20 amp breaker...This one goes to around 140 amps on 115v)
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