List of Underwater Welding Schools...

South Central Louisiana Technical College is a good and  inexpensive school according to underwater welder Nate @divern8 on instagram

"Have you got the Sack to be an Underwater Welder?"

list of underwater welding schools

"wet welding"

list of underwater welding schools

A list of underwater welding schools

So you think you might want to be an underwater welder?

For your convenience, on this page is a list of underwater welding schools along with links to their web sites.

But....There are a few things you need to know before you take the plunge (no pun intended).

Not all underwater welders make six figures.

Some make more…some don’t even come close.

Underwater welding jobs are typically available on a project by project basis and how much you make really depends on how much you are willing to work and whether you get connected to the right people.

Not all underwater welding jobs are as glamorous as the pictures you see on the web.

You know what I am talking about…, the photos of the pretty blue crystal clear ocean water with tropical fish in the background and the diver making a weld on a pipe. They don’t show you the guy down in the sump in murky water feeling his way around trying to unclog the filter. Not trying to discourage anyone here, but you need to know that like any other career , underwater welding has its ups and downs. ( again no pun)


Tuition is different with each underwater welding school but here is an example of some of the fees involved:

Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver Tuition $ 14,800.00 Application Fee $ 25.00 Registration Fee $ 75.00 Total $ 14,900.00 Books $ 280.00 Open Water Diver Certification (if not certified) $ 250.00

Tuition is going to be at least 14,000 dollars plus room and board, in some cases, the training courses are 16 weeks long working 10 hour days. Oh yeah, you are going to have to buy a whole bunch of gear too. That could add up to a few thousand more dollars.

Again I am not trying to discourage anyone from becoming an underwater welder. I am just trying to paint an honest picture of the expenses and the commitment it takes along with the real life working conditions that you might encounter.

If becoming an underwater welder is what you want to do, if you cant think about anything else, if the idea of being away from friends and family, kids and wife… for months at a time does not even make you flinch, if you have the sack to go underwater and feel your way around in the dark…then by all means go for it. You are the alpha dog.

If you are willing to give it your all, there is no doubt you can make a ton of money. 20,000 dollars in tuition and gear, give or take a few thousand, is small potatoes compared to the kind of money you can make.

How many college boys do you think make six figures right out of the gate?

And if you are single, being able to tell that hot blonde at the bar that you are an underwater welder has got to be worth something.

Still here? You must be serious!

Now that you have decided to become an underwater welder, lets have a look at the list of underwater welding schools.

First on the list of underwater welding schools.....HOLLAND COLLEGE, GEORGETOWN CENTRE - Underwater welding school

Adress: 117 Ken Street Georgetown Prince Edward Island Canada C0A 1L0 Telephone: 902-652-2055 800-446-5265 Fax: 902-652-2424 Contact person: Tawna MacLeod

Located in Prince Edward Island, Holland College offers a complete underwater welding program including all the diving courses like diving physics, diver fitness, decompression, etc . as well as welding and cutting safety and welding skills training. Also Hyperbaric chamber operation.

COMMERCIAL DIVING ACADEMY - Underwater Welding School

8137 Main Street Jacksonville, FL 32208 USA Tel: 904-766-7736 Fax: 904-766-7764 Toll Free: 888-974-2232

Located in Jacksonville FL Commercial diving academy offers several training modules like underwater welding specialist, underwater cutting specialist, as well as the mac daddy training package …the air/mixed gas commercial Specialist which includes welding, rigging and weld inspection.

lets continue with the list of underwater welding schools

DIVERS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - underwater welding school

4315 11th Avenue NW P.O. Box 70667 Seattle, WA 98107-0667 USA 206-783-5542 800-964-4234 Fax: 206783-2658

Located in Washington state. Divers Institute of Technology states that experienced commercial divers can make $200,000 a year.

That gets my attention.


272 South Fries Ave Wilmington, California 90744-6399 USA Toll Free: 800-432-DIVE Tel: 310-834-2501 Fax: 310-834-7132

20 week underwater wet welding course in accordance with the internationally recognized underwater welding specification, ANSI/AWS D3.6-93.

SENECA COLLEGE Underwater Skills Department

13990 Dufferin St., King city Ontario Canada L7B 1B3 Tel: 416-491-5050 ext. 5022 or 905-833-3333 ext. 5020 Fax: 905-833-1760


2500 South Broadway Camden, NJ 08104 USA 856-966-1871 800-238-3483 Fax: 856-541-4355

While you are shopping the list of underwater welding schools, I highly recommend visiting the website. Video, 360 degree virtual tours of the campus and operations will give you a feel for this underwater welding school and what they are about,

SANTA BARBARA CITY COLLEGE Marine Technological Program

721 Cliff Drive Santa Barbara, California 93109 USA 800-965-0581 ext.2429/2427 Fax: 805-963-7222

“Since it is a publicly funded California Community College, commercial diving/marine technician training at SBCC is significantly more affordable than other programs, especially if you are a resident of California.”


the last on the list of underwater welding schools

INTERNATIONAL DIVING INSTITUTE Charleston, South Carolina 1400 Pier Side Street, Bldg 190, Suite C North Charleston, SC 29405

1-888-SAT-DIVE (888-728-3483) Local 843-740-1124

exit list of underwater welding schools read more about underwater welding

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