Looking for my first tig Welder

First let me say i love your forum and have learned much since I discovered it. My question is :
I learned how to weld using Ox @ Act and then learned GMAW, now I want to learn Tig so I can do some very fine detail work on stainless. I really don't have the $3500 to put down on a new blue 200DX so do you think a TA 185 would give me the same results as a Dynasty 200 or a Lincoln V205T or should I wait till I have the $3500.

Bob / Mind works Metal Art.



The TA 185 is a pretty popular tig inverter with pretty much all the cool features like ac frequency adjustment and pulse.

But I dont have any first hand experience to offer.

my best advice is to check out all the other forums and search for the terms like "ta 185"
"thermal arc" "thermal arc 185" etc...

I hope to borrow one soon and evaluate it but it has not happened yet.



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