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Metal Building Erector/Fabricator/Sheet metal mechanic

My name is Tommy G Hillis, I am the grandson of the owner of a metal building erection and fabrication company.
I am 21 years old, with a high school graduates education, i had a 3.9 GPA and turned down a scholarship to stick with my job and the trade i have been in for 4 years now. Though i am young, i know much more than anybody my age that i am aware of, i am very hard working and dependable, i never miss work and i never complain.
I am the lead man of a 4 man crew at this point, but i am looking for a better paying job. I am very ambitious and want to move up the financial chain and make something special out of my talents and work ethics.
I will travel out of town or move anywhere if the money's right, I can guarantee i will make the best hand out of any men working for you.

As of right now i am living in Texarkana, Tx
But as mentioned earlier, if the job seems to be a good opportunity i will travel anywhere.

Tommy Hillis

Contact Info
Cell- 430-342-2356
Work Cell- 903-908-2206
Mailing Address- Atlanta, Tx
136 CR 4685

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