Mig on digger buckets

Hi Jody,
Excellent site, every day's a school day and your site is great for information, I have a gen fab and machine shop, www.midcorkmetal.ie and sometimes get machinery in for repair, my question is there a specific wire for mig welding hardened steel for the wear plates on buckets(AR500), I do them with a low hydrogen stick but it would speed things up no end if I could mig them. I have looked on your site but could not really find the info, I could have missed it, there is so much to read. Id love to see a comprehensive article on applications of different rods and wires for both steel and Alu.
Any how, keep up the good work.
Kind Regds
Gordon Lucey


Gordon, I did a page on AR400 a while back.

I dont have any personal experience with AR steels, but I did do quite a bit of research before writing the page.


There are plenty of folks welding AR400 with mig and since ar500 is very similar, I would think it would work as well as 7018

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Jun 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

esab makes a cored wire 710x that works well on ar steels. corex versitile, a cored wire works well to. both wires are in the 70k tensil strength, both companies make higher strength wires too, but i havent used them.

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