MIG settings

by Steve

I'm somewhat new to MIG welding and I'm concerned about my settings. Most of what I weld is 1/4" mild steel but involves flat, overhead, vertical down, pipe, and multi pass. Its a production shop so speed is critical and my welds have to be water tight. My question is how should I set up my welder for the different welds. This may sound like a stupid question to some but my problem isn't making good looking welds and having them be water tight, its whether or not they're good enough to certify. I understand that with MIG a weld can look good and be horribly weak which is what I'm trying to avoid. A lot of guys I work with leave their settings the same for everything and that just doesn't seem right to me. So any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



You may be able to use the same settings as long as they are good.
I assume its short circuit mig with 75/25 ar/co2 and .035 wire.
if so , you should be in the 19-20 volt range with 230-300 ipm wire as a ball park place to start and then tweak from there.

The main thing is to keep the arc at the leading edge of the puddle .

Are you rolling the pipe? and what is the bevel and typical fit?


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