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MIG Spool(2#/4") Rewinder....

by Denny

Hey guys,
Here's the MIG spool rewinder I made to refill my empty 2# spools for my (2) spoolguns. Reader,"Anonymous", responded asking to see my setup. I made this from a powered mini-blind cutter I got at a hardware store going out of business. After removing all the attachments & cutter leaving the cog-belt motor, I added a piece of 1/8" plate w/legs to make a base to support the 33 & 44lb spools. I had to make a spool support tube to fit the motor assembly. The motor has superb torque for pulling the wire from the large spools. I simpy hand guide the wire onto the spool till it's filled. I know others who use a lathe in back-gear to refill their spools, so there are other methods. The prime concern when refilling is to be sure to have absolute control of the wire when cutting after the small spool is filled, otherwise you will have a real mess with (2) massive birdnests. I hold the wire in my left hand, bend the wire maintaining a grip on both ends, & cut. Then I tie off the large spool end while holding the small spool end tightly. You can also get a helper if it is difficult for you to do it alone. Ok.... here's some pics.


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