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Mig Stick out... What causes it to work better than recessed?

by Lewis
(Bartlett, TN)

I know you say stick out is important on mig, but I haven't seen where you explain why it works better. I started using the flush diffuser on my Roughneck gun switching from the 1/8" recess and it does produce better welds, but why? Thanks, Lewis



with a long stick out, the wire heats up too much from resistance and melts off at a different rate. its not as crisp and does not have as much arc force as when a short stick out is used.


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Apr 10, 2012
Mig Stickout NEW
by: Jerry Wallace

I agree with you 100% Jody. Lewis you should also note that stickout and the voltage setting correspond with each other. If you set up your machine for a certain amount of stickout and have fine tuned your voltage to a given stickout (where you hear just a buzzing sound) but when you start welding you go to hearing all sort of sputtering and getting a lot of splatter, then you have more times than not change your stickout (longer or closer) than what your original set up was ( stickout to voltage setting) But as jody says with mig you want a short stickout (and stickout is determined by the distance from the contact tip to the work piece) not the nozzle. I see my students make that mistake more times than not when first starting out.

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