MIG Welding 16 gauge exhaust tubing

by Mike MacGregor
(Greer, SC)

I am MIG welding an exhaust system on a hot rod and want the welds to look pretty. I have the heat and the feed figured out and can make a good run. My problem is that I have to start and stop three or four times to complete the diameter of the pipe.

Can you provide tips or a video would be great, of how to go all the way around a 2.5 inch pipe and make it look as close to continuous as possible? The focus being how to stop, reposition the system (off the car) and start again without making lumps or low points in the bead.

By the way, your website is great!



good post,

i will put that on my list of videos to make.

one thing that comes to mind is to backstep.

basically, instead of stopping and re starting, you would weld for around 1/3 the circumference, and the back up and weld to where you started. that way you remelt the cold start on every segment and it looks more uniform.

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