Here's a Welding Trick for a Much Better Mig Welding Ground Clamp

better mig welding ground clamp

mig welding ground clamp

To make a better mig welding ground clamp, Find an old welding lead or ground cable and cut off about two feet of cable. Then Strip off the insulation and tape the ends. Fold it in half and put the ends in a vise. Stick a screwdriver in the loop and twist it pretty tight.

Now you have a cool tool that gives you a constant ground. Why??? Because its copper, and because when you clamp this thing to what you are welding using your old ground clamp, you have literally hundreds of little contact points that will never lose the ground...not even for a second. This is critical when mig welding because your mig machine does not know or care if you lose the ground for a second. It just keeps feeding wire. That is the number one cause for poor starts. Try it! This makes a much better mig ground clamp than what comes on most machines.

Or you could just buy an old school copper ground clamp..

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