Mig Welding Spatter? Not a problem for these nozzles

I stumbled on this cool little mig welding spatter demonstration at the 2009 AWS welding expo in Chicago. These guys were intentionally using horrible mig welding settings to produce as much spatter and melt back in the mig nozzle as possible....

...So they could demonstrate how mig welding spatter just wont stick to their specially coated nozzles.

Secoa Technology Company coats mig welding nozzles with a unique black coating like you see on some tooling and apparently, weld spatter just wont stick to it.

This might not seem like a big deal to you at first because we are all accustomed to weld spatter build up inside the mig nozzle and when it gets too bad, we stop, we scrape it off with some dikes, we smack the nozzle against the welding table to knock it loose, and then we drive on.

But what about an automated manufacturing situation? Every time a mig welding robot stops to clean or change a nozzle, it's money down the drain.

Haven't you heard those stories about big manufacturing factories that lose like a million dollars a minute if the line goes down?

I could see how a mig welding nozzle that would last 20 times longer could easily translate into thousands of dollars of savings over time.

I don't use anti spatter spray. Know Why?

Because the MSDS is about 4 pages long.

Anything with a MSDS that long scares me... No thanks. No anti spatter fumes for me please.

If I use anything, it's good old PAM. Not Pam Anderson. Pam cooking spray.

If you are in the welding biz and have lots of mig welders or mig welding robots, give these guys a call. They will hook you up with a risk free trial.

Phone: 706-272-0133 E-mail: info@WeldDaddy.com Check out their offer here
leave mig welding spatter and see a ton of mig welding tips

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