Mig Welding Stainless Steel Question

I need some help with mig welding stainless steel settings.

I have welding experience in mig but welding only on regular carbon steel, i am taking a test and need the machine set up for stainless steel mig welding.... and extra tips if please can help thanks.

Answer to mig welding stainless steel

A lot of stainless steel mig welding tests are set up using Tri mix shielding gas (90 helium - 7.5 argon-2.5 co2) and .035" 308 stainless steel mig wire.

try these settings for a start and adjust from there....

20 volts

300 inches per minute ( if the machine does not read in ipm, just pull the trigger and count to 6 seconds. then measure the wire that came out and multiply by 10..in this case , 30 inches of wire in 6 seconds)

One suggestion if you use tri mix gas....., Old timers believe you should roll the bottle on the floor to mix it up, at the very least you should probably remove the gauge and crack the valve to blow some gas out let it churn a bit inside the tank.

I took a stainless steel mig welding test years ago and the shop inspector insisted I let the bulk tri mix tank run wide open for several seconds before welding..It made a huge difference as opposed to welding after the tank has sat unused for a long time.

hope this helps exit mig welding stainless

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