Mig Welding Supplies - Before you buy any mig welding supplies, You would do yourself a favor to take a look at this mig welding DVD.

The best money you could ever spend is buying a good Mig Welding Video.

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mig welding video dvd

I bought Steve Bleiles mig video along with Arc welding 1, Arc welding 2, and gas welding and I watched them all twice ...and man was I blown away.

The mig welding dvd is really good. (they are all really good) The price is 25 dollars and it is as good as other Hobart videos that cost nearly 1000 dollars.

I am dead serious!

I was not expecting this kind of quality for 25 bucks. For someone who is learning or just wants to weld better, This Mig Welding DVD is the biggest no brainer ever.

If I had a son or daughter going to welding school, I would buy them all and make sure they watched every one several times while they were learning to weld.

Steve Bleile's Mig Welding Video DVD

click here to check it out on amazon  

Instructional video introduces the GMAW (MIG) welding process, featuring close-up welding demonstrations as seen through the welders helmet. Covers equipment setup, metal transfers, shielding gas and wires, weld joints, fundamentals and more. Demonstrations cover the fundamentals of all-position Short Circuit Transfer, welds in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead position and much more. An excellent video for beginner and intermediate welders. DVDs sold individually. Approx. 45 min. U.S.A.

You dont always need to throw on a heavy welding coat to do a little mig welding. But a white t shirt aint gonna get it either. Throw on some welding sleeves instead of a jacket and save all the sweating.

Have you Seen the ground clamps they are putting on Mig Welders? Dont get me started!

This old school copper ground clamp can make your mig welder quit sounding like a drive by shooting  check it out on amazon

This one is "old school Copper alloy" now thats what I am talking about.

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