Mig Welding Techniques for uphill welding

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These 2 Mig Welding Techniques for uphill welding really work

"Mig welding techniques for uphill welding" was one of the first YouTube videos I posted.

That was about 3 years ago... I used a Sony cybershot camera on video mode without any filters.

It was just an experiment to see how many YouTube Views I could get....and it got a whole bunch .

Dumb luck I guess.

But posting this Video gave birth to a new phrase for me:

"YouTube Douchebags".

Urban dictionary defines Douchebag as... "Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and a$$hole"

Here are some of the comments...

• "lets see that done with .045 wire, 400 amp miller, argon/oxygen mix, then i'd be impressed"

• "I would like to see that weld cut open and sent to a lab for testing. HE DID NOT EVEN CLEAN THE METAL. Dirty welds have poor penetrations and are set up to fail. People, if you are too lazy to clean the metal, don't weld"

• "wouldn't mind seeing the penetration too :( but nice vid"

• "My 8 year old kid could weld better than that."

I probably shouldn't be surprised at all the negative comments because I really did pull that video out of my rectal database.

I didnt know much a thing about shooting video...

I literally set up in 5 minutes, narrated it on the fly while my arms were wrapped around a tripod and camera...all the while my auto dark helmet was struggling to maintain dark mode with the camera blocking the sensors.

Thats why the weld was a bit less than optimal.

I guess everyone assumes that the video camera is across the room somewhere completely out of the way...not at all blocking your line of sight or in your face.

I just put that old video out there to test the waters. And I left it out there for 3 years to get comments, criticism, and whatever. It was educational for me.

But now armed with a better camera and more viewers, I thought it was time to post a newer and better video of "mig welding techniques for uphill welding."

So Here are the settings and details for these mig welding techniques for uphill welding.

• 3/16" hot rolled A36 structural steel

• Millermatic 250X

• 18 volts

• 200 ipm wire speed

• ER70s6 Lincoln L56 wire .035" = 0.89mm

• 75/25 argon/co2 30cfh

You might remember some of my posts about testing welds using a BFH. (Big Freakin Hammer)

Thats still a pretty good down and dirty destructive test for welds but... to compare penetration results, its better to slice and dice.

What I did on these welds was to cut cross sections on the band saw , then use sanding discs and scotch brite 3m roloc pads to polish smooth enough for a mild acid etch to reveal the weld.

2 etches that work well on carbon steel are:

• Ammonium Persulfate

• Nitric Acid

Be careful using either and follow safety precautions, but the ammonium persulfate is the safer of the 2 and reveals the weld nugget pretty well.

The results showed penetration that was acceptable using both mig welding techniques.

Slight differences but not like night and day.

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