Mig Welding Techniques for uphill welding

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These 2 Mig Welding Techniques for uphill welding really work

   Here are some key points for mig welding vertical uphill with short circuit mig:

  1. Welding machine settings: Settings make a difference. Adjust the voltage and wire feed speed (amperage) based on the material thickness and joint design. mig welding settings charts are helpful but settings listed are too hot for vertical uphill. Choosing a setting for a slightly thinner material and reducing wire speed by 10% can help get you where you need to be for vertical uphill.
  2. Electrode angle and travel speed: The electrode angle and travel speed also affect the weld. Maintain a slightly upward or vertical angle (around 5-15 degrees) and make sure to keep the arc on the leading edge of the puddle long enough to ensure proper penetration into the joint. The travel speed should be consistent, not too fast or slow, to control the heat input and maintain a stable puddle.
  3. Maintain a short stick out, typically around 3/8 to 1/2 inch...this helps more than you can imagine.
  4. Metal prep : Proper metal prep  is importan for uphill short arc MIG welding. Ensure the joint is clean, free from mill scale, rust, oil, or other contaminants that could affect the weld quality.  
  5. Shielding gas selection: use the right shielding gas based on the material being welded. the two most common shielding gases for short circuit MIG welding carbon steel are c25 (75 argon/ 25 co2) and pure carbon dioxide (CO2),  Different shielding gases require different voltage and wire speed settings so make sure to check your mig settings chart to use the right settings for the gas used
  6. Welding technique: Employing the right welding technique is essential for uphill MIG welding. Move the MIG gun or torch steadily along the joint, maintaining a consistent travel speed. Oscillate slightly side to side and use a technique that traces the leading edge of the puddle  
  7. Welder skill and experience: one of the best ways to improve skillRemember, it's important to follow proper safety precautions, including wearing appropriate protective gear and ensuring proper ventilation in the welding area.

 Here are the settings and details for these mig welding techniques for uphill welding.

• 3/16" hot rolled A36 structural steel

• Millermatic 250X

• 18 volts

• 200 ipm wire speed

• ER70s6 Lincoln L56 wire .035" = 0.89mm

• 75/25 argon/co2 30cfh

You might remember some of my posts about testing welds using a BFH. (Big Freakin Hammer)

Thats still a pretty good down and dirty destructive test for welds but... to compare penetration results, its better to slice and dice.

What I did on these welds was to cut cross sections on the band saw , then use sanding discs and scotch brite 3m roloc pads to polish smooth enough for a mild acid etch to reveal the weld.

2 etches that work well on carbon steel are:

• 5% nital 

• Ammonium Persulfate

 Be careful using either and follow safety precautions, but the ammonium persulfate is the safer of the 2 and reveals the weld nugget pretty well.

The results showed penetration that was acceptable using both mig welding techniques.

Slight differences but not like night and day.

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