MIG Wire Spool Storage Rack

by Denny

MIG wire racks...

MIG wire racks...

For those who have multiple grades & sizes of MIG wire, it can be a pain to sort thru to find the spool you need. Here is a simple spool rack I made to save space & have easy access to any particular size/grade I need. I know many have limited work areas & are always trying to find ways to conserve their valuable space.

The 2# spool rack was made with 1.5" X .75" rectangular tubing with a notch cut into the inside wall & a 4" X 1 1/2" X 1/8" flat stock welded to the back to mount to the wall & 1/2" SS tubing for support. The 10# rack is made with 1.5" X 1" rect. tubing w/6" X 1.5" X 1/8" flat stock & notched the same & uses 1" pipe for support. The spacing is 32" to conform to (2) wall studs for the 2# rack, & 16" for the 10# spool rack.

Since I built a spool rewinder to rewind my 2# empty spools because I have (2) spoolguns(shop/mobile), I simply use Ziploc sandwich bags to store the spools & keeps them clean. I have a mobile unit that I also built (2) racks to store my MIG wire the same way. Here's a pic to use to design your own setup that will be best for you. Hope you find this useful.

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