Millelr CST 250 What comes next?

by Danny

I have a Miller cst 250.It is DC current with Lift Arc.I want to Tig with it,but im not sure what i will need to get going.Ive got a air cooled torch,regulator,argon bottle,and hose.Is there anything else i need,and what are the steps for hooking them all up?


in case you dont have one , here is a link to the manual

pdf manual

on page 14 there is a diagram of how to set it up

it looks like you need the style torch with a separate argon hose to go straight to the flowmeter and also a valve on the torch so you wont waste argon.

the torch valve is not a must to get started welding if your argon is close by and you can remember to turn it on and off...but you are going to want a torch with a valve.



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