Miller 165 Diversion

Outstanding info here..thanks for your time and efforts. Hobby welding all my life it seems, recently picked up a Miller 165..having gas (OA) welded at work in the early 70's it has been a fairly simple learning curve..that being said I am having trouble with 'Tee' welds on 1/16 aluminum..I cannot seem to puddle both pieces at the same time...Argon, 3/32 2% ceriated ..super clean/dedicated material and brush, #7 cup etc.

I picked up some 1/16 2% ceriated and matching collet body and collet..#6 cup..will give it a try..using 10 or 12 CFH flow...more amps at start up?...thanks


Sharpen the tip of the tungsten and use as tight an arc as you can.

dont add rod until you get a small puddle on both pieces...if one piece puddles first, back off amperage and direct arc to the other piece and then increase amperage and repeat this process until you get a small puddle down deep in the root.
then use the filler rod to join if the two pieces have not fused yet.

try to keep the bead small and use a tight arc while you are moving the puddle forward into the root and lengthen the arc while you pause to add filler rod.

it sounds to me like your main issue is using too long an arc.



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