Miller Tig Welder - Aircrafter 330st

Question about a Miller Tig

I recently got a miller tig welder 330st aircrafter mig,stick combination welding machine. IT is vintage late 80s early 90s I think with water cooler,pedal control,torch and small gas cylinder.I would like to know if this machine has the syncrowave you describe in a good tig machine?




I personally think you have a good machine....with one exception. You might find that you cant start at a really low amperage. Like when you light up on something really thin like shim stock or a razor blade. I never understood why they called this machine an "aircrafter" when the minimum start amperage is rated at like 20 (i think).

Nope, Its not squarewave but If you get a bottle of 50/50 argon/helium, welding aluminum will go great. To me, that will make more difference than squarewave. I like to use all the bells and whistles like on the new Miller Dynasty 350. But in a pinch, the old transformer welders like the one you have, are pretty freakin awesome. I like them.

I know that sounds pretty old school but i love stuff that works. old school or high tech. It doesnt matter to me.

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