Millermatic 210 running .045 dualsheild flux cored wire help

I am having trouble setting up my machine, mainly because for the volt adjustment there is only 5 settings, numbered 1,2,3,4,5. On the machine it doesnt tell you exactly what voltage you are at. none of the welding calculators are any help because of this. Anyone have any ideas or any way to properly adjust correctly


the machine should have a chart on the inside of the panel.

if not you can copy and paste the links above and see manuals for both the 250x and the 210.

The 250x lists actual voltage and wire speeds for a given thickness so you can correlate and have some idea what your voltage settings mean.

I looked and noticed that a setting of 5 for voltage and 55 for wire speed, correlates with the 250x with 21 volts and 310 ipm of wire speed.

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