Millermatic 211 or 212

by Brian

I'm about to purchase my first welder and have not done ANY welding before. I purchased a bunch of books/videos and plan on spending a ton of time on practice pieces before I even attempt it on a actual part. As with most tools I have, I like to go big on the first purchase because I usually end up saving in the end by not having to pay to upgrade. Besides duty cycle is there any thing else that should make me consider a 212 vs. the 211? Is the 200 series spool gun much better than the 100 series? I understand the increased cost and don;t mind paying up.





the 211 is great if you want to have the option of plugging into 115 volt power.

other than that, it looks like the 212 is a better value along the the 200 spool gun.

i dont have any firsthand welding experience with any of these products but have spoken with people who have.

if you are going to be limited to light fab work, either unit will do.

for any kind of extended welding the 212 would be the better choice with the 200 spool gun.

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