mobile pet enclosure

by John K. Dunn
(Fresno, Ca.)

There aren't too many things my dogs like more than ridin' in the back of a pick-up truck (save killin' and eatin' two-thirds of a gopher, then bringing what's left to the stoop for praise and a reward). They are not hound dogs, nor am I a hunter of any kind. I'm just a union ironworker(shopmens local 624)who hasn't worked in almost three months, and decided to use the time off to fab somethin' to make my dogs happy, while at the same time, keeping them safe. "The boss"(I'm married)wanted to just buy a crappie little "airplane cage" to throw in the back for 'em to ride in. I don't think I have to list all the reasons why that would be wrong and totally defeat the intended purpose. To get my way, I had to make monetary and time concessions. So the result is a project in which I achieved function, but to me, fell way short on "form". Function being the whole thing is indexed together by design, with all panels doweled into each other and removable in about 4 minutes; no bolts. The forward pillars however, are bolted into the front stake pockets, with the rear clamped to the bed rails on the inside. Since completion though, there isn't anywhere we go, that people won't approach us with "atta-boys". So my wife has greenlighted me to see my vision through to it's ultimate conclusion(the form part), and allow me to buy tubing benders,tube notchers etc...
New much "swoopy-er" version to be forthcoming.

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