More flux than metal!

by Joseph
(London, UK)

Hi, Great site :-)

I have a 160amp arc welder (stick welding) it is set to 70amps and i am using 1.6mm flux coated welding rods to weld 3mm steel box section together,i have noticed on some steel the welds come out solid (ok) but on certain steel (also 3mm) the welds/joints i do have 'pot holes' filled with flux after i clean the slag off - why is this and how do i stop this from happening??, i have tried putting the amperage up but then the welding rod just goes all soft as i strike the arc and i have to stop, bring down the power back to 70amps again and then i'm ok - i just want a flux free weld!!!...but how?


i think going to the next size bigger welding rod would help. you could even use a 3mm rod.

it sounds like you are using 6013 or something similar.

7018 will do better.

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