Mug welding for cleaning mig wire

by Duane Collicutt
(Calgary Ab)

Whelp we all know that it's good to keep our wire clean,so I like to take a but from a cigarette and put it on wire just after the rolls before it goes through liner...This will help keep your wire clean for welding.

thanks for the post.

this is jody and i will add my two cents...

there are actually pads for sale along with cleaning solution used to soak the pads that is supposed to clean and lubricate the wire to make the liner last longer.

some folks swear by them. i have used them.. but not for long enough to really tell a difference in life of liner.

they are called "Weld Aid Lube-Matic Wire Kleener Pads".

I like the cigarette butt idea better. it sounds like it would work and of course is much cheaper than buying pads.

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