MultiProcess Welder - Lincoln powermig 210mp

What is a MultiProcess Welder?

The MP in 210mp stands for Multi Process Welder.

The Lincoln 210mp is essentially a Wire Feed welder that also will do Stick Welding and Lift Arc TIG.

I first learned about the capabilities of this little machine when I met my friend JD Brewer at a Fabtech show in Chicago.

In that first conversation, JD told me how he had recently bought a Lincoln 210MP and that he runs Dual shield Flux core with it....and that he recently did a handrail job where he made a crap ton of money with this little tiny welder that cost him around $1000.

I love stories like that.

...where a small little affordable welder helps a guy take his welding business to the next level.

Of course JD has other bigger machines now.

in fact, these days,  he is using an ESAB rebel 285 multi process welder a lot for heavier duty welding. ( I bet you thought this was a lincoln commercial)

But that little lincoln powermig210mp  still comes in handy.

Personally, I would have never thought of running .035" dual shield with a 40 lb welder.

But it works great! and for the work JD does on structural steel, the dual shield is super productive.

JD uses  .035" Lincoln 71m Dual shield flux core in his Power mig 210mp.

Because the 210mp is so light and portable, and runs well off a generator, it provides a lot of options.

The type of work JD does is usually in manufacturing facilities installing handrails, hoppers, stairs, mezzanines, and pipe.

Most of the work is carbon steel , but not always.

I have seen him to lift arc tig, bare wire mig, dual shield, and even spool gun off a generator.

Sometimes he goes to install a mezzanine and someone needs an emergency repair on a stainless hopper.

For a job like that, he can use the lift arc TIG function.

For pipe jobs, lift arc tig works great for the root pass and then the fill and cap can be done with dual shield flux core.

A 6 inch schedule 80 pipe joint takes way less that an hour with dual shield fill and cap.

The 210mp also runs great off a generator. ( not all welders do)

For quick repair jobs, a 115volt extension cord and a 3/32" 7018 can knock out those jobs without a generator.



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