My Tig Welder, Should I sell it?

by chris
(so cal)

I was wondering if I should sell the tig I have now and get a smaller or better is a lincoln squarewave 255 digital with magnum water cooler.



If your tig is working fine, I think you should just keep know, if it aint broke...dont fix it.

Its tempting when you see all these small inverter welders with more capability in a small package...

investing in your own skills is probably going to make more difference than buying a new welder.



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Jun 26, 2010
If I"m asking know will I ask then?Should I sell?
by: Anonymous

It never fails, it will be needed or wanted further down the road and the old saying will come (if) I still had. Well you know the story. Keep what I have and save up and get what I want, no if's or I should have.

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