Need advice

by Eric

Im currently a student in a local vo-tech welding program. I'm currently almost finished with my MIG cert(3&4g to test out of) which i am happy about. Heres my issue.

I have been on several mig interviews where they have called the school asking for new welders. When i go to these test most have said i put good beads down but when it comes to building or fabricating i dont have any experience.

My welding school is teaching me to weld but giving no fabrication skills so how am I to get those skills if no job will hire me unless i have fabrication experience?

Should i be getting that fabrication work at school or should i be learning it on the job? I would think it would come on the job since i havent seen any students at school getting fitting experience, is that where i am wrong, the school not teaching everything they should be?

I really like welding and want to commit to a company so that i can get more experience outside of school but how am i to get it if they need me to have fitting experience and school isnt teaching?

Thanks for reading and possibly helping a frustrated student Wanting to weld.



I saw your other post and after reading this one, I really think you would do well to investigate apprenticeship programs in local union halls.

pipefitters boilermakers, ironworkers and other unions have apprenticeships that will teach fabrication skills. Some even offer a higher starting pay with regular raises for those who can pass their welding skills test.

Other ideas are to volunteer as a helper for a fab shop, welding service, etc. to get some experience.



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