New to mig

by Paul schaeffler
(Bonne terre mo)

So today I applied for a job at a foundry as a welder I have experience with stick welding but they had me do a plate test with a mig.

I assume that the principle is the same for running a root so I did it the same as I would with a stick for the most part obviously was not exactly the same the plate was a 3/4 inch plate my question is should I have been dragging or pushing my puddle and what is the correct distance to keep the tip of the gun from my weld.

And what will cause gas bubbles in my weld? The beads and stringers I ran all looked smooth and seemed to b burning well. And I made sure to not leave gaps at the edges of my welds where the bead rolled. I'm sorry not very sure what terminology is correct lol.

I will get the results of the test today just wondering if I made mistake thinking it was almost the same as doing it with a stick.


Your technique would depend on whether it was short circuit mig or spray....or flux core.

short circuit mig usually penetrates better with a short stickout and with a drag angle.
for a welding test on that thick of plate, about 21-13 volts would be right.

its hard to comment with accuracy without knowing all the details.

but good luck with the test results...and good luck with the job.


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