Newport News Shipyard

by Rickbreezy
(Norfolk VA)

The Newport News Shipyard(Southeast Virginia) is hiring for Structural welders

These guys hire mostly through staffing temp services, but it's really a steady gig if you can get your head around all the bullshit. I worked for them a few years ago as a fitter, but I'm sure its the same for welders. Last time I worked there, they were even helping out with travel expenses, but I am not sure now.

Seriously, be prepared for the bullshit though

You have to pass a 2g,3g, and 4g stick(backing strip 7018 root 7018 filler/cap) and the same for flux core(.045 wire-backing strip)

The catch is you have to pass a government background check.

If you can do that, contact these guys, and ask about it.

"Please fax resume (required) to 757-318-7780 or email to vabeach@1800skilled.
Or call 757-318-7777

They are also taking mig and tig welders, but I'm not sure about the test specifications. But you know the drill, talk yourself up a little bit.

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