no stick, easier start guaranteed

by David Scriven
(Lancahire, UK)

Sticking rods are more likely during the first couple of arc strikes because the electrode is cold.

this is what I do to pretty much guarantee an easier arc strike and no sticking rods.

I clamp a scrap piece of metal to the workpiece (away from the weld area) with molegrips, then attach the earth lead to the molegrips, this provides a much better earth.

I then use the scrap piece of metal as a sacrificial arc strike plate... so before attempting your first few strikes simply scratch your rod along this sacrificial plate several times quickly. This will preheat the rod tip and will make arc striking a breeze and eliminating sticking rods. Once you have done a minute or so of welding the rod will be hot enough anyway so no need to do this prior to every arc strike. If you do feel the rod trying to stick or have trouble striking an arc just repeat the preheating process..... simple!

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