Nu-bie with some questions?

by David
(SE, PA)

I bought a Chicago electric arc 140 on ebay. It had some 3/32 electrodes included, I don't know if that was good or not,they all had some flux missing here or there.

How important is a solid layer of flux? I have bought 1/8 and 1/4 6011 electrodes and some uni 2000 1/16" also.
I don't have them yet and want to know my best rod for a 2" weld on 1/8" thick X 2" angle. I'm fixing a cracked weld.

I also want to make a table so I'm using the 2" for legs and top. All short welds ......I know your going to bust my Ba""s on the Brand but right now money is scarce....which rod will this little box run the best?

and Am I crazey for thinking i can run that 6011?

Thanks for any thoughts as I have been on this site alot lately trying to learn. David


I will not bust your balls.
what kind of machine you buy is your bizz.

you may be able to run the 1/8 6011 rods if you have a strong enough circuit to plug into.

if not, you will do better with 3/32 rods.
use the best circuit you can, and if you have to use a drop cord, get the biggest baddest, shortest one you can,


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