OK for the price challenge on auto darkening helmets,,,and my welder array

by Ernest Abel
(Burn City , Indiana,USA)

I decided to go for a new helmet a couple years back to go with my Astro Pneumatic 110v mig welder.
Well what I wound up with was the entry level unit from the local Indiana Oxygen for $79.99 made by Arc One, and so far even with my Thermal Dynamics 110/220 stick/tig unit down on very low tig amperages.
For me so far an Astro 110 mig welder, its about 12 t o15 yrs old , bought from a Snap on dealer, this unit was also sold by Mac tools back in the 90s also under the part number mig110.
This unit is made in Italy my brother opened it up and with many many high quality parts salvaged from xray machines, large ones and large computers and said he could not upgrade anything except install a cooling fan to keep it cooler.
My brother has been welding up a wood splitter with it and so far has had zero issues in penetration.
Anyway just a few tips and recommendations, my next equipment pick up will be a small tank for some UHP helium and hope to have some fun practicing with aluminum.

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