Opinion of Everlast tig machines

by Bill

I've done a lot of stick and now I want to get a TIG machine for occasional fab work and sculpture but I have shallow pockets and not enough power in my shop for an older, name brand unit. Your videos on settings of the Powertig 250EX are very entertaining and very informative and also give the impression of a good machine. I think the 250 might be more machine than I need so I'm considering the 225LX. Two questions: How important are the settings where the is different, like start and end amps, dig, pulse frequency only goes from .5-25, and AC balance only goes 30-70%. Second question is: Do you feel like this is a well built machine that will hold up. I've talked with Alex at Everlast and I get the impression that support will be there if I can wait for Fedex. Thanks for a great website.


I think Everlast makes a pretty solid machine.

all the bells and whistles will only make a difference if you are the kind of guy that will learn and use them....they are not vital...just features to use and get the most out of the machine.

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