oxy welding tips

im a senior in highschool and i have 3 welding classes.

i help a lot of kids that are just starting off and i notice a lot of them struggle with oxy welding.

the main thing they have trouble with is keeping a smooth weld without gaps or spots that have completely too much rod.
so heres my advice,as soon as you start the weld keep the torch going in circles and dont stop moving the torch,push the rod untell you feel it click and move on just outside of the molten metal.

im not sure how to word what im saying correctly but hopefully you understand what i mean.and dont dramatically turn your torch one direction thinking it will push the weld smoothly along,that heats the medal in a different spot than the general area the weld needs to be layed.

a slight tilt is fine but you need to keep the heat where the rod is.

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